Star Maps Of The Northern Hemisphere 50 lattitude

Monthly Star Map 

 Monthly Star Map July

Star Map July Star Map July

Look down the milky way and you will find in the North Perseus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Lacerta and above your head the Swan with the bright Star Deneb. The white Wega in the constellation Lyra. Further down the Littel Fox, the Dolphin, the Arrow and the Shield. The Sagittarus shwos you some Nebular that can be seen with your binocluars. 

Near the horizon in the south you find the  Scorpion, above the Ophius who carries the serpent, the Herkules, the Northern Crown, the Bootes. Above your head xou find the Great Bear and in the West there is the Lion. Between the Lion and the Graet Bear the Little Lion, in the North the Lyx

The time printed on the map is MEZ: European Central Time. MESZ: European Central Summer Time. 

My Book "Astronomie der Jahrhunderte - eine Wissenschaft und ihre Philosophie" has not been translated into English. You find the book on my German site.

The Solar Eclipse in America was a wonderfull thing to look at. You can see it at Nasa in a live stream.

Will we see a solar eclipe on every planet. We will only see a solar eclipse on Earth. The distance of the Moon and his dimater fits ecactly the diameter of the sun. 

During totality you see the corona and the red protuberances. It is dark and cool and you feel the wind.  At the end of totality you see a dimond ring. And the Moon wanders and fee give the sun free.

The terminator is the line that divides the lighted area of the Moon from the dark.

During the first days after New Moon one can see the dark mare of the still not enlighted part of the Moon.

22 June 2024 03:08 MESZ Full Moon

Full Moon Full Moon

16th June Moon 10 Days Old

Moon 10 Days Old Moon 10 Days Old

Moonrise: 14:42 o'clock. Moonset: 01:06 o'clock Central European Time

Moon 9 Days after New Moon

Moon 9 Days Old Moon 9 Days Old

Moon 12 Days Old

Near the terminator you find the Mare Iridium. the bright crater in the middle is Copernicus. The smaler crater is Kepler. The long Mare Frigoris in the South is fainter as the other dark maria. The round mare at the round west is the Mare Crisium, the others three mare from East to West are Mare Foecunditatis, Tranquillitatis, and Serenitatis.

First Quarter  Moon, 14th June, Full Moon 22 June

Full Moon

Full Moon Full Moon

You find other pictures of the Moon on my German page. Sternkarte des Monats

Planets in July