Star Maps Of The Northern Hemisphere 50 lattitude

Star Map February

Star Maps February Star Maps February


The winter constellation Gemini (Twins), Orion, Taurus, (Bull) are in the south. The plejades are twinkling, standing between Perseus and Cassiopeia. In the East the blue Sirius of the Canis Major, (Big Dog), helps you to find the unicorn and the white Prokyon in Canis Minor (Little Dog). On the ecliptic lie the Cancer and the Lion. The lion is a big constellation with the bright star Regulus.

 North the Great Bear (Ursa Major), and the Ursa Minor (little bear). The dragon, Cepheus, cygnus (Swan) are to find in the North. 

West: there are Andromeda, Pegasus, triangulum, aries, pisces (fishes)

Near the southern horizont there are Eridanus and Cetus.

Orion the hunter has three promenent stars in the middle, the Orion belt. You find Betelgeuze at his schoulder, a red giant and Rigel at his foot. Rigel twinkels in blue-white. 

Orion Orion

The Orion nebular M42 can be observed with binoculars. In your telescope you see a fain nebular with four littel stars. 

Orion nebular Orion nebular

You find the star Alnitak at the eastern end of the Orion belt. Alnitak is a triple star system. In the south of Alnitak lies the horsehead nebular.

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